Why am’ I writing this?

All my life I have always had a passion for writing. There was always something that held me back from sharing my passion lack of confidence, lack of schooling, and disbelief that I truly had real talent. I’ am at the point in my life that I need to focus and use the tools and passions I have to feel more confident in myself. I do not by any means feel like this could make me a famous author, that is not my goal in doing this. I’ am doing this for myself and to help others like me who find themselves in the same situations and life challenges. 

This will be my introduction to myself and this will allow whoever would like to read my blogs better know who I’ am and what brought me to where I’ am now. My name is Alexandra Jones, I currently reside in Minnesota. I’ am happily married to my soulmate and we have two fur babies.

 As a child I was forced to grow up very quickly because I had two negligent parents whose only concern was themselves. From the age of 9 years old I was shipped around from place to place because my father left us and my mother turned to drugs and men. Fortunatly for me, my grandmother who I properly named nana and my papa took me in and raised me. Up until that point I went through a lot of psychological episodes where I became the parent and my parents were the children. I had to make sure my little brother had food in his tummy and he was clean. I tried my hardest to protect him from the evil within our home. Once our parents left us my brother and I had to be sperated, my grandmother could only afford to raise one of us so my biological grandfather took my brother. My grandmother worked herself to death to make sure she could provide for me and because of her I’ am the woman I’ am today. 

Unfortunately my grandmother could not protect me or undo the psychological damage that was done to me. This is the reason I ‘ am writing, I ‘am doing something I love to help undo past pain and slowly learn to love myself. People tell me I’ am an awesome person, I think it is about time to start believing it myself. The feelings of not feeling worthy of love or worthy of happiness needs to be a thing of the past and I’ am using this as my oulet on this journey to self-love and believing in myself to conquer and challenges that may come my way. I also want to allow this to become something where I can help to motivate others just like me to love themselves because we all have a purpose on this earth and it’s our time to shine. If I can help just one person from this that will make me extremely happy and make this journey that much more rewarding. I will be posting things like road blocks, life challenges, advice and guidance, but most of all a place where I can write everything that comes to mind and share my pain and happiness with others. 

I’ am looking forward to writing and learning more about myself in the process. Thank you to whoever reads this, remember the support from others will give you the strength you do not currently posses. 💜